Monocrystalline Silicon
Chip 125-96 chip series
Release time:2016-03-07 10:33

Detailed description

TYPE  ST-220W ST-230W ST-240W ST-250W
Peak Power(Pm) 220W 230W 240W 250W
Open Circuit Voltage(Voc) 58V 58V 60V 60V
Open Circuit Current(Isc) 5.33A 5.56A 5.68A 5.79A
Maximum Power Voltage(Vmp) 46V 46V 48V 48V
Maximum Power Current(Imp) 4.8A 5.0A 5.11A 5.21A
Maximum System Voltage(Vmp) 1000 VDC
Dimentsion(mm) 1580×1068×40mm
Cell series 96(8×12)

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